John Santos Aikido Teaching Experience
Aikido Teaching Experience
1982-1992   Weekly class at Aikido of San Jose
1988-1991   Weekly class for Masters Degree Program
1991-1994   2 weekly classes for Rosicrucian Order, San Jose, CA
1986-1994   2 weekly classes for Tiger Eye Claw Center, San Jose, CA
1989-1995   Weekly class at Aikido of blossom Valley, San Jose, CA
1995-2001   Private classes and individual sessions
Tiger Eye Claw Center, San Jose, CA
200-2001   Weekly class at Adult Education Program, San Jose, CA
2001-Present   Accredited class, Mission College, Santa Clara, CA

Ron Lew Si-Ting, chief Instructor, tiger Eye Claw Center
Pamela Shigemura Sensei, Chief Instructor, Aikido of Blossom Valley

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