John Santos M.A., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
7174 Santa Teresa Blvd. Suite A-6
San Jose, CA 95139


I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years. My work with individuals, couples, and families has been deeply rewarding.

When counseling individuals I strive to help the person have their own voice and to reach their full potential.

I think of this in terms of how the person is oprganized within themselves, i.e., what is supporting them in terms of getting what they want and knowing their own direction in life and/or how are they out of harmony with themselves. How can people come to grips with the inevitibles of life (i.e., grief, loss, etc.), and change what can and needs to be changed (trauma, behavioral problems, addictions, anxiety, depression, etc.)

When counseling couples/families, I strive to have partners and families have the deepest and most loving connection possible in the most positive way. Strengthing and understanding communication leads directlye to building greater ease and rapport.

One important distinction is knowing the difference between disagreement and misunderstanding. Once known, appropriate action and skills can be applied for the parties to to resume realignment and harmony with each other. In my experience, most disagreements are misunderstandings, unrecognized.

What all or the above has in common is maximizing the healing by honoring each person and what they bring to the therapy session.

I have worked extensively with post-traumatic stress, relationship counseling, smoking cessation (with an 80% success rate), grief process, emergency response, and critical incident stress management.

Please call me at 408.280.1359 to make an appointment.



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