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People are talking...about Regenesis!

"John Santos has the incredible ability to relieve traumatic injury pain almost instantaneously. Having survived two auto accidents with major back and neck pain which resulted in severe migraine headaches, the treatment provided me with the comfort I needed to bring quality back into my daily life. The Regenesis technique, delivered with John's compassionate and effective style can make the pivotal difference in recovery from pain, and supports the creation of optimum health, well-being, and joy. He is truly a gift to our fast-paced, hectic, demanding world!

"I have been receiving Regenesis treatments from John Santos for reduction/elimination of scars from recent breast surgery. A few weeks ago, I noticed a lump in my right breast and went to my doctor. He felt the mass, scheduled an ultrasound, and referred me to a general surgeon for a consult. I told John about this during one of my appointments. He did a quick, intensive, treatment at the site of the mass and surrounding the time he was done, the mass had completely disappeared. The follow-up ultrasound was completely negative — no sign of any mass."

"I wanted to thank you for the work you did with R.A. He competed very well at the California State Championships (wrestling). R.A. was suffering from a knee injury when the season opened up. You were able to put him through your process, and enable him to overcome his discomfort and compete. He then suffered a torn ligament in his ankle...the doctors gave him six to eight weeks of inactivity. In the middle of a wrestling season, six to eight weeks off will kill your chances for any kind of success at the state level. R.A. was able to get back to training in four days, thanks to your ability to heal in such a short time period. I was totally amazed with the improvement in his ability to walk, run, and wrestle...R.A. will never be able to repay you for all that you have done for him. His scholarsip to William Penn University would have not been possible had he not been able to compete as well as he did during his senior year.

Before being treated by John Santos for my allergies and breathing difficulties, I was suffering from allergy-related sneezing and post nasal drip. I was also forced to use an inhaler on a daily basis to assist my breathing.

After only three Regenesis sessions, my allergy symptoms have nearly disappeared and I have not had to use my inhaler for over a year.

"I have a tendency to be skeptical at times about any medical treatment, let alone an alternative method...Although I cannot explain it (Regenesis,) I can only say that it works."

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*Names are removed to protect client confidentiality.
Copies of these letters are available for review at my office.


Actor | Regenesis Healing | Aikido | Counseling | HomeEmail

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