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Frequently Asked Questions about Regenesis

What is Regenesis?
Regenesis is a powerful yet gentle, hands-on method of accelerating the body's ability to heal. Regenesis is very helpful in treating chronic and acute pain relief in conditions such as fibromyalgia, post-surgical conditions, and sports injuries.
Regenesis approaches healing on three levels:

  • Remedial
    Regenesis treats conditions which are already impaired...scoliosis, headaches, etc. Treating them is working on the remedial level, i.e, returning them to normal function.
  • Preventive
    Prevention is better than cure. Regenesis by helping the body to establish and maintain optimum balance.
  • Generative
    Y ou're already in a state of good health, but interested in a state of higher performance. Especially useful for athletes, dancers, actors, and other physically active people.

What are Regenesis' benefits?
Regenesis helps to strengthen the immune system. For example, Regenesis helps to speed the healing and reduce the occurence of cold and flu symptoms and other illnesses. Some of the benefits you'll notice are:

  • Improvement. The first improvement you'd notice would be alleviation of pain and discomfort and the return of function.
  • Correction. The correction, the elimination of pain the the total return of function. This can include the optimal fucntion of each system including regeneration.
  • Resolution: which is the completion of the healing process which shows the cellular memory has returned to a state of optimal health.

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How can Regenesis work for me?
Regenesis works by stimulating the cellular healing dynamic, which mobilizes and promotes wellnes on every level. Regenesis treats the causative and the symptomatic aspects of illness including the following areas:

  • Muscular-Skeletal
    - Carpal tunnel syndrome, and sports injuries
  • Immune System
    - Allergies, colds, and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Stress of all kinds
    -  Mental fatigue, emotional stress, and anxiety

How was Regenesis developed?
Regenesis was developed by Robert Rasumsson (1918 -2001) over a lifetime of experiementing with alternative forms of hands-on healing. He found there was an effective method he continued to refine that yielded amazing results. I studied with Bob from the mid-1980s to the late-1990s. Bob was not only a gifted healer, he developed a technique to teach and transmit this ability to other people. The Body Electric, by William Becker, MD, helps to explain the regenerative power of the body. What Dr. Becker did with electrical stimulation, Bob was doing with human touch.
the body electric.gif

Why does Regenesis work?
Regenesis utilizes the ability of your body's cells to generate healthy tissue, in effect, helping the body to heal itself and to perform at its optimal function. The reduction of scar tissue would be an example of this . Regenesis is, in effect, the body's systems being stimulated for optimum balance.

How can I make an appointment?
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