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john santos sfpd homicide cd-rom game
Busta Shalom. This is a clip from my latest film, about a Bar Mitzva gone terribly wrong! This is a little demo reel of some of my best work that mixes footage shot by TalkingHeadshot with my demo clips. Rizzo, the slimeball, in the Interactive CD "SFPD Homicide:
The Body in The Bay." This CD won an award in France. Jerry Lewis would be proud.
This is a clip from a very successful campaign for St. Helena, an alcohol and drug treatment center.

This is a scene from "The Aikido Master." I also teach the art at Mission College and at Aikido Japantown in San Jose.

Road Rage? No...just another scene from "The Aikido Master —" before I discover the harnony of Aikido...

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Actor | Regenesis Healing | Aikido | Counseling | HomeEmail

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